2 dicembre 2021, How is Amazon committed to a sustainable future?

Giovedì 2 dicembre 2021
ore 17.00-18.00
live su WebEx
Language: English

As part of Amazon’s mission to be Earth’s most customer-centric company, we are committed to building a sustainable business for our employees, customers, and communities. We are driving toward a net-zero carbon future where the people that support our entire value chain are treated with dignity and respect.

In 2019, Amazon co-founded The Climate Pledge—a commitment to achieve net-zero carbon emissions across our business by 2040 and to invite others to sign on to this new level of ambition. As part of our path to the Pledge, Amazon has made significant commitments toward reaching our goal.

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28 ottobre 2021, Bring your voice to Amazon Operations

Giovedì 28 ottobre 2021
ore 10.00-19.00
live su WebEx
Language: English

Immerse yourself into the world of Amazon Operations and hear insights from our global leaders on Leadership and Career Growth. A full day of Webinars dedicated to undergrads, graduated and MBA’s to develop your leadership skills and learn how you can bring your voice into Amazon Operations.

The event will run during the entire day and you will be able to cherry pick the sessions that are more interesting for you or which best fits your agenda.

Join us during this great day and all students attending will enter the social media Raffle. We will share an Instagram post for you to post through your account and share your key learning from the session(s) you attended. You might be the happy winner of an Amazon Echo Show 10 or an Amazon voucher. We are raffling 10 prizes.

How to participate? Join us on the 28th from 10am and find out more! Good luck!

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Ferrari GT Engineering and Manufacturing Academy 2022

Pubblicato il 13/10/2021

Scadenza: 1 novembre 2021

Tipo di Laurea: Ingegneria (Meccanica/Mechatronics, Elettronica, Elettrica, dei Materiali, Aerospaziale, Gestionale, Industriale)


La Ferrari GT Engineering and Manufacturing Academy si rivolge ai migliori ingegneri (laureandi e laureati magistrali).

Il nostro obiettivo è quello di dare il benvenuto ai migliori neo-laureati o laureandi magistrali (che conseguiranno la laurea entro Gennaio 2022) in ingegneria (meccanica, elettronica, elettrica, dei materiali, aerospaziale, gestionale, industriale etc.).

Gli studenti selezionati, verranno inseriti in un programma di internship della durata di 6 mesi che partirà all’inizio del 2022. Read more

5 ottobre 2021, Discover Amazon Operations

Giovedì 5 ottobre 2021
ore 15.30-16.15
live su WebEx
Language: English

We are happy to announce this event: Discover Amazon Operations will present Amazon Operations through the eyes of an Area Manager. If you are currently studying or are about to graduate, join us to learn more about the incredible world of Amazon!

We’re looking for current undergraduate and graduate students for internship and full-time opportunities in EMEA Amazon Operations. The roles can include working in a Corporate or Field Ops environment in areas such as Operations, Management, HR, Health & Safety, Business Analytics, Finance and Project Management. Join our events to learn more about Graduate Opportunities in Italy. Come join us and build the future of Operations in Italy.

You will learn more about Amazon Operations through the experience of Stefano, Shift Manager and alumnus from Tor Vergata.

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• Younited Credit- Laureati in Economia, Ingegneria, Scienze

Talent Graduate Acea Energia e Acea Innovation

Pubblicato il 31/08/2021

Tipo di Laurea: Economia, Ingegneria, Matematica

Per visualizzare questa offerta è necessario registrarsi gratuitamente al Nuovo Career Center: http://placement.uniroma2.it/?p=19339

Sei già registrato? Consulta l’offerta qui: https://uniroma2.jobteaser.com/it/job-offers/7649789-younited-credit-junior-pricing-analyst

• Iason – Laureati in Economia

Business Analyst

Pubblicato il 04/08/2021

Tipo di Laurea: Economia

Per visualizzare questa offerta è necessario registrarsi gratuitamente al Nuovo Career Center: http://placement.uniroma2.it/?p=19339

Sei già registrato? Consulta l’offerta qui: https://uniroma2.jobteaser.com/it/job-offers/7579983-iason-business-analyst

• American Express – Payback – Laureati in Economia, Ingegneria, Lettere, Scienze

Digital Sales Internship - Stage

payback logoPubblicato il 03/08/2021

Tipo di Laurea: Economia, Ingegneria, Lettere, Scienze

Per visualizzare questa offerta è necessario registrarsi gratuitamente al Nuovo Career Center: http://placement.uniroma2.it/?p=19339

Sei già registrato? Consulta l’offerta qui: https://uniroma2.jobteaser.com/it/job-offers/7577611-american-express-italy-digital-sales-internship-payback

• Technip Energies – Laureati in Ingegneria

Project Engineer

Pubblicato il 26/07/2021

Tipo di Laurea: Ingegneria Chimica, Ingegneria Meccanica, Ingegneria Industriale e Gestionale

Per visualizzare questa offerta è necessario registrarsi gratuitamente al Nuovo Career Center: http://placement.uniroma2.it/?p=19339

Sei già registrato? Consulta l’offerta qui: https://uniroma2.jobteaser.com/it/job-offers/7549391-technip-italy-s-p-a-con-socio-unico-project-engineer

• Cantel Medical – Laureati in Ingegneria

Design Drafter Intern

Pubblicato il 26/07/2021

Tipo di Laurea: Ingegneria Meccanica, Design Industriale

Per visualizzare questa offerta è necessario registrarsi gratuitamente al Nuovo Career Center: http://placement.uniroma2.it/?p=19339

Sei già registrato? Consulta l’offerta qui: https://uniroma2.jobteaser.com/it/job-offers/7543066-cantel-medical-italy-design-drafter-intern

• Amazon Operations – Laureati in Medicina (Tecniche della prevenzione nell’ambiente e nei luoghi di lavoro)

Health and Safety - Apprendista Salute e Sicurezza sul Lavoro

Pubblicato il 15/07/2021

Tipo di Laurea: Tecniche della prevenzione nell’ambiente e nei luoghi di lavoro

About this program:

We would like to offer you a unique opportunity to be part of our Health and Safety team whilst you acquire real experience on the field for this profession. You will share time and shadow our first-class team of professionals in an Amazon warehouse environment. During your journey, you will go through a training itinerary of ˜500 hours, which includes the Module C (24 hours) to become a Prevention and Protection Service Manager as well as a complementary on the job training, for developing your technical skills and competencies, which will enable you to improve occupational health and safety conditions at our workplaces. You will learn planning, prioritization and you will develop analytical skills as well as communication and teamwork competencies. Throughout the program you will receive the support of a mentor to advance successfully in all these areas.

At the end of the program, you will have obtained the accredited title of RSPP and 2 years of work experience, but above all you, will have acquired the necessary competencies to fulfill a health and safety specialist position in our team.

During the apprenticeship program, you will learn the perform the following tasks:

  • Assisting with the delivery of safety performance and monitoring, in line with personnel, team and functional goals and objectives,
  • Facilitating and/or arranging training programs on critical Fulfillment Center EHS issues,
  • Supporting the implementation of EHS programs within Fulfillment Center Operations, while delivering key risk assessment activities,
  • Driving compliance with local and EU legislation,
  • Ensuring that EHS systems are kept accurate at all times, with completed incident reports, alongside all supporting documentation,
  • Assisting the construction of incident prevention programs,
  • Contributing to Fulfillment Center requests for improvement of on-site safety and positively impact accident trends,
  • Participating in the EU Fulfillment Center EHS Safety Audit Program,
  • Arranging and conducting basic surveys and checks in the Fulfillment Center environment, looking into facility processes, Health and Safety supplies as well as employee behaviors.


You can access our apprenticeship program if:

  • You are between 18 and 28 years old,
  • You have a Bachelor’s Degree in “Tecnico della Prevenzione nell’Ambiente e nei Luoghi di Lavoro”
  • You speak Italian fluently and demonstrate good communication skills (written and oral),
  • English level B1
  • You have the ability to understand and follow verbal or written technical instructions,
  • You have motivation and practical approach,
  • You want to acquire a commitment to learn, develop and get involved,
  • You have knowledge of MS Office, Word, Excel,
  • You are a proactive person and open to acquiring new knowledge and skills
  • You like to work in a team and easily build relationships with others.


You possess experience of Lean, 5S, Kaizen methodologies,

  • Qualifications of experience of environmentally conscious initiatives
  • Minimum professional experience in industry and logistics environments

Our program is the perfect opportunity to learn the profession while you work, as you will be studying and at the same gathering working experience in a real environment and earning a competitive salary.

Apply we are waiting for you! (If you want to add a cover letter to your CV, attach them in a single PDF)!

At Amazon, we believe in equality. We passionately believe that diversity in our teams is our main source of success. Decisions in the selection processes are based on the experience and skills of the candidates and candidates. We value the passion to discover, innovate, make things easy and build.