2 dicembre 2021, How is Amazon committed to a sustainable future?

Giovedì 2 dicembre 2021
ore 17.00-18.00
live su WebEx
Language: English

As part of Amazon’s mission to be Earth’s most customer-centric company, we are committed to building a sustainable business for our employees, customers, and communities. We are driving toward a net-zero carbon future where the people that support our entire value chain are treated with dignity and respect.

In 2019, Amazon co-founded The Climate Pledge—a commitment to achieve net-zero carbon emissions across our business by 2040 and to invite others to sign on to this new level of ambition. As part of our path to the Pledge, Amazon has made significant commitments toward reaching our goal.

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28 ottobre 2021, Bring your voice to Amazon Operations

Giovedì 28 ottobre 2021
ore 10.00-19.00
live su WebEx
Language: English

Immerse yourself into the world of Amazon Operations and hear insights from our global leaders on Leadership and Career Growth. A full day of Webinars dedicated to undergrads, graduated and MBA’s to develop your leadership skills and learn how you can bring your voice into Amazon Operations.

The event will run during the entire day and you will be able to cherry pick the sessions that are more interesting for you or which best fits your agenda.

Join us during this great day and all students attending will enter the social media Raffle. We will share an Instagram post for you to post through your account and share your key learning from the session(s) you attended. You might be the happy winner of an Amazon Echo Show 10 or an Amazon voucher. We are raffling 10 prizes.

How to participate? Join us on the 28th from 10am and find out more! Good luck!

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5 ottobre 2021, Discover Amazon Operations

Giovedì 5 ottobre 2021
ore 15.30-16.15
live su WebEx
Language: English

We are happy to announce this event: Discover Amazon Operations will present Amazon Operations through the eyes of an Area Manager. If you are currently studying or are about to graduate, join us to learn more about the incredible world of Amazon!

We’re looking for current undergraduate and graduate students for internship and full-time opportunities in EMEA Amazon Operations. The roles can include working in a Corporate or Field Ops environment in areas such as Operations, Management, HR, Health & Safety, Business Analytics, Finance and Project Management. Join our events to learn more about Graduate Opportunities in Italy. Come join us and build the future of Operations in Italy.

You will learn more about Amazon Operations through the experience of Stefano, Shift Manager and alumnus from Tor Vergata.

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25 febbraio 2021, Open Doors at Amazon Operations – Tor Vergata

25 febbraio 2021, Open Doors at Amazon Operations – Tor Vergata

Giovedì 25 febbraio 2021
ore 12.30-13.30
live su WebEx
Language: English

Welcome to Amazon Fulfilment
We call our warehouses fulfilment centres because the entire process is fulfilled from start to finish – inventory comes in from manufacturers and is shipped out directly to customers.

Due to an abundance of caution and following developments relating to preventive measures taken regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19), we can’t physically welcome you in our facilities. But we decided to make the best out of this situation and create a semi-live virtual tour!

Are you wondering what to expect?

We have a team of great Amazonians who came together to make this possible. We will open the doors to a real Amazon Warehouse in Europe, our colleagues will be connected from 2 different facilities and are happy to showcase how the magic happens behind close door.

Go to https://opendoorsatamazonoperations-to.splashthat.com/ to register for the 25th of February!

21 gennaio 2021, Amazon: Coffee Chat with Tor Vergata

Giovedì 21 gennaio 2021
ore 10.30

live su WebEx
Language: English

Are you currently studying and/or you just about to graduate? Would you like to find out more what it means working in a managerial position at Amazon coming straight out of University?

The topic for this 1st Coffee Chat is: Managerial positions for Fresh Grads – a zoom into the Area Manager and Shift Manager position.

This is what your ex colleague Pietro Quagliarini did! He started his  journey at Amazon, after graduating from the Tor Vergata University.

This is an informal event, where you will directly hear from Pietro what it takes to become Shift Manager at Amazon: he will share his  experience and talk about their daily life at Amazon.

We are excited to have you join us for this event – build your knowledge, fuel your curiosity, and learn more about Operations!

As we open this event for Italian and foreign students, the event will be in English

REGISTER NOW: https://coffeechattorvergataareamanage.splashthat.com/

Amazon’s Student Events

Employability workshop: CV & Interview Skills – 26 January

This webinar is for students who are looking to apply for graduate or internship roles at Amazon in Europe. This workshop will focus on why CVs are used, how to stand out from the crowd, hints and tips and some example CVs. We’ll also then talk about common interview techniques and share some useful frameworks and example questions. The session will finish with a Q&A. Register here

Monthly Women’s Event Series: How to succeed at Amazon – 28 January

What is the key to success at Amazon? This session will focus on how students can develop themselves and others, with a special focus on mentoring and how Affinity Groups at Amazon contribute to providing a support network. This webinar will be delivered by Amazonians from different parts of the business, and will be hosted in English. The session will finish with the opportunity to ask questions to our Amazon panel. This webinar is targeted at women studying undergraduate or postgraduate degrees in EMEA. Register here.

Sustainability at Amazon – 1 February

Join this session to hear from Charlie Fisher, Senior Program Manager in Amazon’s Sustainability team. The session will provide an overview of Amazon’s approach to Sustainability and give you an insight into the Climate Pledge. When registering for this session, please submit any questions you may have for the Q&A. Register here.

Brining your authentic self to work – 10 February

This event focuses on bringing your authentic self to work so you can contribute with 100% of your strengths. A panel of members from glamazon (Amazon’s employee-led network for the LGBTQIA+ community) will share their experiences and the strategies they’ve developed to succeed in the workplace. Join us for rich conversation and tips you can use to accelerate your career. There will be a chance to submit questions to the panel. Please note, you are not required to use your camera during the event, and do not have to display your name unless you choose to. Register here.

Want to know more? We’ll be adding more events in the next few weeks and would encourage you to sign up. You can find these events on our global events page and filtering to Europe.

14 dicembre 2020, Amazon: CV & Interview Workshop @ Tor Vergata

Lunedì 14 dicembre 2020
ore 15.30-16.30

live su WebEx

Are you currently studying? Are you just about to graduate?

During this event our Campus recruiters will share with you some useful and insightful Amazon Interview Tips, and what we look for in a standout resume.

Who should attend?

Anyone who wants to sharpen their skills and stand out in front of future employers.

Workshop objectives

  • Understand what comprises an effective CV
  • Write and edit your CV
  • Sharpen your interview skills

We are excited to have you join us for this event – build your knowledge, fuel your curiosity, and learn more about Operations!

REGISTER AT: https://cvinterviewworkshoptorvergata.splashthat.com/

19 novembre 2020, Discover Amazon Operations @ Tor Vergata

Giovedì 19 novembre 2020
ore 15.00-16.00
live su WebEx

Welcome to the 1st Virtual Amazon Operations event organized directly with Tor Vergata University!

Are you currently studying? Are you just about to graduate?

Do you love to build, to invent, to pioneer on a high performance team that’s passionate about operational excellence – then Amazon is the right place for you!

And we are eager to tell you more about it!

The event will be hosted by WebEx. For the best viewing experience, please join via a computer or laptop.

The event will be held in English – but our speakers speak Italian, so any question you may have during the event can be asked in Italian!

REGISTER AT: https://discoveramazonoperationstorver.splashthat.com

16 Settembre, Virtual Job Meeting STEM GIRLS

Una giornata di assunzioni rivolta a ragazze studentesse e laureate in materie Scientifiche, Tecnologiche e matematiche (STEM).
L’evento, che si svolge on-line, consente l’interazione con i selezionatori delle Aziende che offrono opportunità di lavoro.


Una grande opportunità per ragazze studentesse e laureate in materie scientifiche, tecnologiche e matematiche. Mercoledì 16 settembre, dalle 9.30 alle 17.30, decine di responsabili del personale di importanti aziende nazionali e internazionali saranno on-line per offrire lavoro. “STEM” significa “Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics” e indica le discipline scientifico-tecnologiche (scienza, tecnologia, ingegneria, matematica) e i relativi corsi di studio. Read more