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GTM Specialist - Roma

Pubblicato il 16/07/2020

Tipo di Laurea (triennale o magistrale): Economia, Ingegneria, Scienze


GTM (Go-To-Market) is a central figure in our organization, as we are responsible for the commercialization of the products. We work transversely with all other departments, making us the focal point of the company. It would be an understatement to call us “Product Managers” since our duties covers far more responsibilities, that’s why our team should be as compact as possible to manage to achieve the best results.

GTM is based on a matrix organization (Business Units vs Product lines).


The position will work closely with the Senior Manager and should be in charge of the following duties:

  • Assist product launch in the account customer channel, following up the process of technical certification, purchase order, delivery plan;
  • Monitor the sales data, and stock level;
  • Manage the product coverage in sales channels


We believe that the skills needed to cover this position can be learned while working. What cannot or really difficult to be learned is what we are looking for: WORK ATTITUDE.

More concretely the figure:

  • Wants to learn;
  • Has inclination towards team working;
  • Wants to challenge itself to pursue personal growth
  • Has the ability to think independently
  • Can think in abstract and has problem solving skill
  • Being able to effectively communicate is the basis of this work as the figure necessarily works with other people coming from different depts.
  • Language requirement: Fluent in English, Italian and Chinese

Work Location


Contact info: deng.qiao1@huawei.com