14 e 15 ottobre 2022, Reply Cyber Security Challenge

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The Cyber Security Challenge: Capture the Flag edition is an online team-based competition focused on security. It’s for students aged 16+ and lasts for 24 hours. Each team has to solve 25 puzzles of increasing difficulty across five categories; coding, web, miscellaneous, binary and crypto.

To take part in the challenge, students need a PC to connect to the challenges.reply.com platform, and be part of a team of 2 – 4 people.


Students aged 16 or over. They’ll have to register online as individuals, as it’s a student competition, not a class or school one.


  • From 5th September – register online and form a team.
  • From 5th September – prepare and train for the Challenge in our “Training” area on challenges.reply.com.
  • On 14th October – play from 19:30 CEST to 19:30 CEST the next day.


Members of the winning team will each receive a Gaming Laptop, the second team will each receive a pair of Beats Studio 3, and the third team will each receive a Razer gaming keyboard.

While registering, students can tell us the name of their university, earn points, and climb the University Students’ Leaderboard to win a cool Reply Arcade Game for their university’s communal area. Or they can choose to receive a financial donation to support an educational or research project.

:: Sign up now! https://challenges.reply.com/tamtamy/challenges/category/cybersecurity