10 luglio 2020, McKinsey, Women Act – creating sustainability in Operations

Women Act is a virtual event that will give you the chance to gain insights into the sustainable projects of our consultants in the Operations Practice. In addition, you will be introduced to McKinsey’s problem-solving approach and will work on an interactive business case study linked to a sustainability topic in operations.

How to apply

Apply by June 14, 2020. Your application should include a CV in English, as well as your transcripts and certificates from secondary school and university, with all relevant grades. No cover letter is needed.

Apply now: https://www.mckinsey.com/womenact

McKinsey, STEM Gems virtual series

STEM Gems is designed to inspire you and strengthen your confidence as you pursue your professional journey

What can you expect?

In our virtual STEM Gems series, you will:

  • Gain insights into McKinsey’s work – May 11, 2020
    Learn more about the meaningful work we do and the types of clients we help.
    Hear how our STEM consultants face challenges and grow together, supported through mentoring and collaborative relationships.
  • Learn new ways to build resilience – May 14, 2020
    Build a positive mindset and coping mechanisms so you feel empowered to make decisions that feel right for you. Drawing on the latest psychological research, you will better understand evidence-based interventions that will help strengthen your psychological immune system (mental resilience).
  • Meet one of our senior leaders with a STEM background – May 18, 2020
    Get to know Ranja Reda, an Associate Partner from our Vienna office and anambassador for diversity within McKinsey. She will talk about her journey and share her personal experiences as a STEM woman in consulting.

Apply by May 3, 2020: mckinsey.com/stem-gems