Lear Competition Festival (LCF) 2024

Rome, 24-27  September

The Lear Competition Festival (LCF) is a hub that brings together innovation, networking, and exciting opportunities for the antitrust community.

This four-day international event builds on the success of the Lear conferences and aims at emphasizing the crucial role of economics in competition policy, to aid competition authorities and courts in making better decisions.

At LCF, you will have the opportunity to engage in cutting-edge discussions with leading experts on emerging competition tools and challenges, immerse yourself in in-depth dialogues on international cases, and explore advanced academic contributions in the fields of competition law, economics, policy, and regulation.

Additionally, the Lear Competition Festival provides valuable opportunities for inspiring and addressing the aspirations of the next generation interested in pursuing professional or academic careers within the field of antitrust and regulation. It includes:

  • the Young Talent Competition Award (#YTCA) an initiative that invites young economists and lawyers to submit their research proposals, which will be rigorously evaluated and selected by a distinguished commission before presenting them at the festival;
  • the Poster Session, providing students and researchers a platform to showcase their research findings to our participants through the use of printed posters during the first day of the festival;

In addition to these academic offerings, the LCF offers various networking opportunities. Attendees can engage in fruitful interactions during the aperitif, the gala dinner, and the walking tours, fostering connections with other participants.


Lear Competition Festival (Rome 10-12 June 2020): Talent4Comp

The Lear Competition Festival is a unique event in the antitrust field, which gives the opportunity to: deepen knowledge on specific antitrust issues; discuss the interrelation between competition and regulation; acquire new tools for the economic and legal analysis; discuss the best methodologies to assess the effectiveness of public policies, network with key and relevant actors of the antitrust panorama (e.g. competition authorities, firms, IFIs, economists and lawyers).

Precious synergies can arise from the collaboration between the different actors in the system and the partners adhering to the event.

Over the three-day festival, there will be debates on new tools and issues, discussion of selected international cases, academic contributions on topics, models and theories of competition law and economics, policy and regulations.

The LCF has the new feature of serving also as a recruiting event, where young talents and organizations can meet each other thanks to the innovative tailor-made platform Talent4Comp. The idea behind Talent4Comp is to build a bridge between young people and the job market, two systems that, in dialogue, can contribute to the development of the appropriate set of skills and expertise in line with the progress taking place in the antitrust field, policy assessment and regulation.

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