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International Management Talent Program – Metro Potentials - Permanent Contract SELEZIONE CHIUSA

Pubblicato il 29/03/2021

Tipo di Laurea: Economia, Ingegneria

Wholesale is our origin, wholesale and customized services are our future. With 670 stores in 24 countries, at METRO Cash and Carry we help professional customers all over the globe to successfully run their own businesses.
Championing their passion, ambition, creativity and flexibility is a challenge that only the best talents can meet. Are you ready to take it? We are looking for our next Metro Potentials!

Your Journey with us

Metro Potentials it’s a two-year Management Talent Program designed to bring out the leader in you and accelerate your career.
We will guide you to discover your entrepreneurial spirit and dive in the wholesale and services business, through:

  • International experiences
  • Exciting and cross-departmental projects
  • Interactions with inspiring customers
  • Job rotations
  • Multi-functional development
  • Continuous learning
  • Mentorship
  • Networking

Starting at one of our Milan Home Contry stores and Headoffice, you will then be ready to challenge yourself spending nine months abroad in two different countries.
The goal of this fast-track path is to empower your talent and make your way to the management position that best suits your aspirations.

What makes you a Potential

  • #FoodLover is one of your favourites hashtags
  • You have the personality and the social media skills to be an influencer
  • You have a digital mindset and you are not afraid to use it
  • You feel at home wherever you can follow your passion
  • You are curious and sensitive to issues like sustainability
  • You know what you want and how to get it
  • You are a born team-player
  • You took a fully grade Master’s degree in Economics/ Engineering or a specialization in Business Administration/Retail
  • You have maximum 3 years’ experience working in innovative companies or startups
  • You didn’t miss the chance to study or work abroad
  • Your English is great and even better if you can manage a second foreign language

Why should you start a Global Journey?

We are an international and diverse community committed to making everyone’s uniqueness shine and have the courage to innovate.
Take the opportunity to broaden your professional and personal horizons by leaving your comfort zone and being in the driver seat to be successful.

Apply now and find out more about the program: https://www.metro-potentials.com/

Human Value is the Executive Search Company charged by METRO Cash and Carry for this selection.