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Software Developer

Pubblicato il 03/10/2018

Tipo di Laurea: Informatica, Ingegneria Informatica, Ingegneria

Iason is an international firm that consults Financial Institutions on Risk Management.

Iason is a leader in quantitative analysis and advanced risk methodology, offering a unique mix of know-how and expertise on the pricing of complex financial products and the management of financial, credit and liquidity risks. In addition Iason provides a suite of essential solutions to meet the fundamental needs of Financial Institutions.

Iason is searching for Software Developer to be included in important projects for international clients. Positions are available now.

To apply please complete the application form as Software Developer and submit your CV online: http://www.iasonltd.com/jobs/www.iasonltd.com

Brief description of the position

As  a   Software  Developer   you’ll  be  playing  a   key role in   the  design,   installation,   testing  and   maintenance    of software systems. In this years, Iason has developed an online trading platform and several quantitative software tools for risk management. As a developer you may be required to work with important customers, in their office with their team to build strategic tools.


  • Junior Profile (from 0 to 3 years of experience as Software Developer)
  • Senior Profile (more than 3 years of experience as Software Developer)

Main Tasks

  • Develop and implement code that is readable and maintainable by other developers
  • Develop and implement databases as solid foundations of the software
  • Acquire and analyse request from functional analysts and suggest the best solution
  • Work with IT Management to prioritize business and information needs
  • Locate and define new process improvement opportunities

Analytical and Technical Requirements

  • Degree in Computer Science, Information Management or Engineering will be appreciated
  • Strong logical skills with the ability to organize code with attention to detail and accuracy
  • A good knowledge of main databases and query languages will be appreciated
  • Proven working experience as a software developer is a must for senior profiles
  • Technical expertise in front end programming, back end programming, database design development
  • Strong knowledge of and experience with OOP
  • Knowledge of and experience using programming languages like C++, Java, C# and Javascript